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Llama Drama on Puzzlfy app for iOS

Caminandes: Gran Dillama has been included in Puzzlfy!

Puzzlfy is an app for kids, it allows them to create a puzzle out of any video they are watching.  While playing the video, if the user hits the “Puzzlfy” button, the current frame of the video instantly becomes a puzzle.


We are always glad to see the many uses that can be done with Open Content and we wish the guys at Radius60 Studios the best of luck with Puzzlfy!

Have you used Caminandes (Gran Dillama or Llama Drama) in any of your projects? Let us know!

Keep on llamaing,
Caminandes team

Caminandes 2: Online Premiere Date!

Dear fellow llamas,

We would like to announce that on Friday 22nd of November, at 17hs Amsterdam time (Central European Time, GMT+1) we will publish the second episode of Caminandes online!


In order to celebrate all together, we are going to host a Google Hangout on Air. Everybody will be free to join and see our happy llama faces fill up with tears as we watch the whole new Caminandes play on YouTube. Cheer with us!

To recap:


    This Friday 22nd November!

  • 17hs Central European Time / GMT+1
  • 13hs Argentina / GMT-3
  • 10hs Central Standard Time / GMT-6
  • Check your timezone

Where? Right here!

Well, you can also go to the Blender Foundation YouTube Channel and watch it there, but here the experience will be much cooler.

Please spread the word and help us make this day memorable! Also, we did not quite reach our funding target yet: it would be great if that could happen too.

See you very soon!

November production status

Hello everyone!

We are going through that moment where the blog becomes silent as the guys are super busy doing the last fixes to get the timing right (last edit is about 2 minutes 17 seconds!). So here is what we’re up to:

  • Pablo is in Mexico, working online and talking about Caminandes (blogpost coming soon)
  • Hjalti is back in Iceland polishing a couple of shots (animators’ fine details you know :)
  • Andy is back in Germany and wrapped up all the light/comp for the project (w00t!)
  • Sergey is in Russia, very busy with the new blender development infrastructure
  • Jan is building a Tesla Tower for foley-ing multiple rainbows (OK not, but wouldn’t that be cool?)
  • Francesco is in Amsterdam, working on the new website wrapping up the production

It is now time for final renders! Thanks to our sponsor we are able to render most of the film there. The process should take a few days.

During the next 2 weeks many more things will happen: sound production with Jan Morgenstern, tutorials recording, film credits! So, the production is still on track and we will soon announce the premiere and release dates.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Open Movie Project Announcement

Hello there fellow cartoon lovers!

Following the success of the first Caminandes episode, we are proud to announce the production of the next one in the series! It’s going to be a ~2 minutes short film and it will be produced and released as a Blender Foundation Open Movie Project. The same spirit as the first episode, but this time we’re going fully open as well as supporting Blender.

Caminandes Episode 2

This means that along with the short film in the highest quality format, you will get access to all the production assets (characters, environments, lighting sets), great documentation, tutorials, the software it was made on, just like in any other open movie.

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