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Caminandes 3 – TRAILER

We’re proud to announce the making of a new episode, watch the trailer below!

The final release will be January 27th, 2016.

Caminandes 3 (working title) is a ~2:30 minutes cartoon, featuring Koro the llama and introducing new characters.

This episode is produced by Blender Institute, with the support of the Blender Cloud subscribers.

Learn more and follow the progress on Blender Cloud.

IX Jerry Goldsmith Award!

Jan MorgensternPlease give a big round of applause to Jan Morgenstern!

Jan, our music genius, won the Jerry Goldsmith award for “Best Score for an Animated Short Film” at this year’s International Film Music Festival in C√≥rdoba, Spain.

We knew he was awesome, but it’s great to see other people noticing it too, again! Yes, again. Because it’s not his first time, he already won for the Blender Foundation’s Open Movie “Sintel”, back in 2011.

They say that music is 50% of the experience. But in Caminandes, music and sound really is the soul that carries the whole story.

Awesome things happen when you work with awesome people. Thank you Jan for being part of the team.

Congratulations amigo!
Huge llama hug

Caminandes: Gran Dillama

Thank you all who made this possible, you helped improving Blender *and* brought to life cartoons for everybody to share around, learn and study from the files that will be on the USB Card.

Is it over? Not for one second. On the movie itself it might be but we’re still working around the clock to finish the release of the files and tutorials, expect news when we send them to print and get them ready to ship all over the globe.

Thank you once again for supporting and sharing Caminandes, you’re awesome. On behalf of Pablo, Francesco, Andy, Hjalti, Jan, Sergey, Juan Pablo and Beorn.

What would you like to learn?

Hello fellow llama friends!
Exciting times for Caminandes. Everything is coming together, adding special effects and little animation tweaks here and there. Jan is writing music like a boss with a final edit that is 2 minutes 22 seconds! 10 of those seconds are for credits yes (ours and you awesome pre-orderers), but the rest is pure cartoon magic.

We’re so close to finishing, that we’re about to start recording tutorials/documentation for your delight! To get the best out of this, we need your input, what would you like to learn?

The topics we have in mind are:

Documentation / Tutorials:

  • Pipeline: Caminandes folder structure
  • Linking: Building a shot from scratch
  • Shaders: Koro’s Eye and highlights
  • Fur: How Koro’s particle systems are setup
  • Animation: Master Blinks
  • Rigging: Learn to use Koro’s rig

What do you think? Let us know if we’re missing an important topic. The ones listed above are those we believe can be explained efficiently (without becoming a training DVD :) Keep in mind we also have to deliver the film!

Llama hugs

Blender Conference 2013

blender_caminandesHello everyone! Things have been a bit quiet here on the blog, mainly because of Blender Conference taking place here in Amsterdam this last weekend, and being deep in crunchtime.

We had the honor to be the last talk, right before the closing session by Ton. So we had to make it fast in less than half hour, all five of us talked and showed off stuff for a bit.

Thanks to Thomas Beck for the awesome keychain/bottle-openers custom 3D prints!

Pre-order your copy of Caminandes: Episode 2 now!

Thanks for passing by!
Gracias por pasar!

Sneak Peek: Render Test 01a

Keeping daily blog posting roll, have a sneak peek at the very first shot in the movie!


In this shot, Koro still doesn’t have his facial animation, we’re working on it as well as blocking the remaining shots. Lots to go.

Today we tweaked the length of the last shot. We can safely say that Caminandes Ep. 2 has a total of 19 shots (yes, nineteen!) That’s more than twice Llama Drama, but only ~40% longer running time. This short has definitely much more action. Koro walks, runs, jumps, goes from happiness to fear, all in two minutes! (OK maybe will end up a tad longer, but still!)

If you like cartoons and open content, and would like to take a look at the production files or tutorials included, or just want to support a fun project, consider getting the USB Card or Digital Download. This will help us realize the project and the rest will be donated to Blender and the Blender Foundation.


Sneak Peek: Shot Progress Reel!

Hello there!

In order to celebrate the opening of our You Tube channel (subscribe!), we just made this small progress reel of one of our shots.

Have a sneak peek on how the movie will look like, we’re still defining the visuals so expect some variation. We hope you enjoy it!

Final render will be in Full HD (1920×1080), but is already prepared to be 4K-ified in the future, if budget allows.

Pre-order your copy of Caminandes: Episode 2 now!

Thanks for passing by!
Gracias por pasar!

Improving Blender

Open Movie projects are not only about making open content, we have to improve the software as well. After all, this project is funded thanks to people like you, that use and/or love your own 3d software!

These are the changes we had in the last few days:

Blender Core

  • General: Copy Paste Curves Widget

    Copy Paste Curves
    Before this, you had to manually copy the X and Y values of each point, now just Ctrl+C over a curve widget, Ctrl+V over another, done! Works across any curve widget. [r60803]

  • 3D View: Shadeless view

    3D View Shadeless
    Shadeless view is important for many reasons, mostly for painting. On Blender Internal, to see a shadeless model you had to delete/move lamps off the view, cumbersome but at list it was possible. On Cycles, it wasn’t possible until now. Welcome Shadeless 3D View! [r60783]

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Production Update: 5th Day Begins

Status so far:

  • Andy is a machine (like we didn’t know it) Lighting, special effects, painting, everything!
  • Hjalti is animating like a boss. Such a great feeling seeing your character animated at this quality
  • Pablo is helping with lighting/compositing shots, modeling some props and tweaking facials
  • Sergey is getting the Blender Institute farm back in shape, literally (he likes hardware)
  • Juan Pablo Bouza delivered an awesome rig which Hjalti is taking advantage of, just small tweaks are left
  • Beorn will be working on animation from Sidney
  • Jan is still eagerly waiting for us to block timing so he can wave away
  • Francesco is doing some animation, planning, render farm, pasta, and friendly poking to get things done!

Check the tweets on the right (or look for “caminandes” on Twitter), or follow the news on Facebook.

Work in progress bits

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Koro is getting a new rig!

Koro, our main character, is getting brand new rigging!

Rigging is what makes 3D models move and appear alive. Juan Pablo Bouza made BlenRig time ago, a super configurable biped rig. Now he’s taking it to another level to make it a fully featured quadruped rig, with special little things we need to push the cartoon side on this movie.

We really want Caminandes: Episode 2 (codenamed project Pampa by us :) to be very cartoon, much more than the first one. So having a crazy rig like this will allow us plenty of weird shapes and expressions that we couldn’t make before. Can’t wait to see what Hjalti can do with it!

Here we had our first meeting with Juan Pablo (he’s in Argentina)

I couldn’t help to walk around and record some bits.

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