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Improving Blender

Open Movie projects are not only about making open content, we have to improve the software as well. After all, this project is funded thanks to people like you, that use and/or love your own 3d software!

These are the changes we had in the last few days:

Blender Core

  • General: Copy Paste Curves Widget

    Copy Paste Curves
    Before this, you had to manually copy the X and Y values of each point, now just Ctrl+C over a curve widget, Ctrl+V over another, done! Works across any curve widget. [r60803]

  • 3D View: Shadeless view

    3D View Shadeless
    Shadeless view is important for many reasons, mostly for painting. On Blender Internal, to see a shadeless model you had to delete/move lamps off the view, cumbersome but at list it was possible. On Cycles, it wasn’t possible until now. Welcome Shadeless 3D View! [r60783]

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