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IX Jerry Goldsmith Award!

Jan MorgensternPlease give a big round of applause to Jan Morgenstern!

Jan, our music genius, won the Jerry Goldsmith award for “Best Score for an Animated Short Film” at this year’s International Film Music Festival in C√≥rdoba, Spain.

We knew he was awesome, but it’s great to see other people noticing it too, again! Yes, again. Because it’s not his first time, he already won for the Blender Foundation’s Open Movie “Sintel”, back in 2011.

They say that music is 50% of the experience. But in Caminandes, music and sound really is the soul that carries the whole story.

Awesome things happen when you work with awesome people. Thank you Jan for being part of the team.

Congratulations amigo!
Huge llama hug

Blender Conference 2013

blender_caminandesHello everyone! Things have been a bit quiet here on the blog, mainly because of Blender Conference taking place here in Amsterdam this last weekend, and being deep in crunchtime.

We had the honor to be the last talk, right before the closing session by Ton. So we had to make it fast in less than half hour, all five of us talked and showed off stuff for a bit.

Thanks to Thomas Beck for the awesome keychain/bottle-openers custom 3D prints!

Pre-order your copy of Caminandes: Episode 2 now!

Thanks for passing by!
Gracias por pasar!