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Production Update: 5th Day Begins

Status so far:

  • Andy is a machine (like we didn’t know it) Lighting, special effects, painting, everything!
  • Hjalti is animating like a boss. Such a great feeling seeing your character animated at this quality
  • Pablo is helping with lighting/compositing shots, modeling some props and tweaking facials
  • Sergey is getting the Blender Institute farm back in shape, literally (he likes hardware)
  • Juan Pablo Bouza delivered an awesome rig which Hjalti is taking advantage of, just small tweaks are left
  • Beorn will be working on animation from Sidney
  • Jan is still eagerly waiting for us to block timing so he can wave away
  • Francesco is doing some animation, planning, render farm, pasta, and friendly poking to get things done!

Check the tweets on the right (or look for “caminandes” on Twitter), or follow the news on Facebook.

Work in progress bits

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Koro is getting a new rig!

Koro, our main character, is getting brand new rigging!

Rigging is what makes 3D models move and appear alive. Juan Pablo Bouza made BlenRig time ago, a super configurable biped rig. Now he’s taking it to another level to make it a fully featured quadruped rig, with special little things we need to push the cartoon side on this movie.

We really want Caminandes: Episode 2 (codenamed project Pampa by us :) to be very cartoon, much more than the first one. So having a crazy rig like this will allow us plenty of weird shapes and expressions that we couldn’t make before. Can’t wait to see what Hjalti can do with it!

Here we had our first meeting with Juan Pablo (he’s in Argentina)

I couldn’t help to walk around and record some bits.

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