Caminandes: Gran Dillama

Thank you all who made this possible, you helped improving Blender *and* brought to life cartoons for everybody to share around, learn and study from the files that will be on the USB Card.

Is it over? Not for one second. On the movie itself it might be but we’re still working around the clock to finish the release of the files and tutorials, expect news when we send them to print and get them ready to ship all over the globe.

Thank you once again for supporting and sharing Caminandes, you’re awesome. On behalf of Pablo, Francesco, Andy, Hjalti, Jan, Sergey, Juan Pablo and Beorn.

  • Harry Lahner


  • Sam Schad

    Congrats! Too funny!

  • raitoringo

    Muuy bueno, chicos! Divertidisimo!

  • Giovanni Lanfiuti Baldi

    I see really high quality there!
    Superb animation and good models…

  • Julian Perez

    Les quedó muuy bueno!

  • RC CL


  • RC CL

    Pablo tu sencillez, se transmite fué muy agradable la conferencia el día de ayer y ver ahora el resultado de tu segundo “BeBe” Muchos más éxitos.

  • rea

    jajjaa quedó genial!!! felicitaciones Pablo!! y al resto del grupo!!! :D

  • Manuel

    Good movie, awsome!!!!! LLama is big big, crazy, animal!!!!! gracias Pablo!!!!!

  • robbielosee


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  • Kanishk Chouhan

    This is awesome…this is quality content…nt just story wise…the overall look nd feel is awesome… love u blender.. :)))

  • Thiago Kolb

    pelo feedback positivo da comunidade quem sabe o episode 3 não sai mas rapido :D

  • Néstor Arellano Pulido

    Llamawesome!!! :)

  • looch

    where do i download the files from?

    • Pablo Vazquez

      Log in the Blender e-shop (with the account you used to buy the item), go to Caminandes: Gran Dillama and you should see a Download option right there.

      USB Cards will start shipping in a few days!

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  • Karlitox Alvarez

    Buen trabajo…..sigan adelante!

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