Andy, Sergey, and Hjalti arrived!

The team is complete! We are now working on finishing the storyboard animatic, while making layouts for the first shots.

What the status of today Saturday is:

  • Andy is doing *awesome* plants design
  • Hjalti is animating a walk cycle, for later blocking layouts
  • Pablo is tweaking storyboards, concepts and animatic timing
  • Sergey fixed the computers and will get smashed with bug reports + feature requests!
  • Juan Pablo Bouza gave us the first rig for layouts, is working now on a great facial rig
  • Beorn made the first round of storyboards and is thinking small tweaks for the script
  • Jan is eagerly waiting for us to block time so he can do his magic
  • Francesco is doing layouts while taking care of everything else :D

Check the tweets on the right (or look for “caminandes” on Twitter), or follow the news on Facebook.

Hjalti’s arrival

Some pics by Andy (@artificial3d)

Remember, today is the last day to get your name on the movie credits, afterwards your name will be on this website (until 500 pre-orders).

Pre-order your copy of Caminandes: Episode 2 now!

Thanks everyone!
Gracias a todos!

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