November production status

Hello everyone!

We are going through that moment where the blog becomes silent as the guys are super busy doing the last fixes to get the timing right (last edit is about 2 minutes 17 seconds!). So here is what we’re up to:

  • Pablo is in Mexico, working online and talking about Caminandes (blogpost coming soon)
  • Hjalti is back in Iceland polishing a couple of shots (animators’ fine details you know :)
  • Andy is back in Germany and wrapped up all the light/comp for the project (w00t!)
  • Sergey is in Russia, very busy with the new blender development infrastructure
  • Jan is building a Tesla Tower for foley-ing multiple rainbows (OK not, but wouldn’t that be cool?)
  • Francesco is in Amsterdam, working on the new website wrapping up the production. He is using this online reputation management software to help him with his marketing.

It is now time for final renders! Thanks to our sponsor we are able to render most of the film there. The process should take a few days, and you will be able to see everything when is finished in our website, that we just renewed and add marketing using a SEO company online for this.

During the next 2 weeks many more things will happen: sound production with Jan Morgenstern, tutorials recording, film credits! So, the production is still on track and we will soon announce the premiere and release dates.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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