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Hello there fellow cartoon lovers!

Following the success of the first Caminandes episode, we are proud to announce the production of the next one in the series! It’s going to be a ~2 minutes short film and it will be produced and released as a Blender Foundation Open Movie Project. The same spirit as the first episode, but this time we’re going fully open as well as supporting Blender.

Caminandes Episode 2

This means that along with the short film in the highest quality format, you will get access to all the production assets (characters, environments, lighting sets), great documentation, tutorials, the software it was made on, just like in any other open movie. An example of this software being used can be found at mobile slots learn more here.

All this material is going to be available for purchase on the Blender e-shop, with two options:

  • Green: Downloadable digital file. Unzip, watch and play with the files!
  • Cooler: A fancy 8 GB USB card (yes, no more DVD!), customized with Caminandes artwork. As well as the downloadable .zip file.

Both options include your name on the credits roll if ordering before October 12th.

All this content will be released under CC-BY license. More info is available at the blender e-shop page.


The original team (Pablo Vazquez, Francesco Siddi, Beorn Leonard and Jan Morgenstern) is going to be joined by two great artists: Hjalti Hjalmarsson (animation) and Andy Goralczyk (lighting + rendering + awesomizing).
Every team needs a developer, so we will also be supported by Sergey Sharybin. Our very own Technical Director!


We have been on pre-production for several weeks already, the actual production will happen at the Blender Institute in Amsterdam, Netherlands, starting on the 12th of October. We aim at releasing the final product during November 2013!


Besides having a fun film free to share and study, every open movie has it’s technical targets. Even though this will be a smaller open project compared to previous ones, we are still pushing Blender’s development by using Cycles render engine for the entire film pipeline.

It’s going to be a great challenge and we have already contributed some improvements and fixes during the making of the first episode and pre-production of this one. We are always building the latest Blender to report bugs, improve usability and productivity tools.

Make it happen!



Special Offer until October 12th
Your name on the credits + 10% Discount


You can support us by spreading the word about the project and especially by getting the film! Either as digital download or the USB card.

If you are interested in a more prominent sponsorship (such as your company logo or just your name glowing with sparkles and rainbows whynot) you can get in touch with

Follow Us

We are going to publish regular updates on the status of the project on this production blog, as well as on Facebook. You can also follow some occasional discussions of Twitter by looking for the hashtag #caminandes.

We are very excited to be starting this project! Let us know what you think about it and feel free to ask any question.

Francesco & Caminandes Team

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