Sneak Peek: Render Test 01a

Keeping daily blog posting roll, have a sneak peek at the very first shot in the movie!


In this shot, Koro still doesn’t have his facial animation, we’re working on it as well as blocking the remaining shots. Lots to go.

Today we tweaked the length of the last shot. We can safely say that Caminandes Ep. 2 has a total of 19 shots (yes, nineteen!) That’s more than twice Llama Drama, but only ~40% longer running time. This short has definitely much more action. Koro walks, runs, jumps, goes from happiness to fear, all in two minutes! (OK maybe will end up a tad longer, but still!)

If you like cartoons and open content, and would like to take a look at the production files or tutorials included, or just want to support a fun project, consider getting the USB Card or Digital Download. This will help us realize the project and the rest will be donated to Blender and the Blender Foundation.


  • looch

    Man, this is really looking great, congratulations!!!, keep it coming :D

    • looch

      oh btw, tomorrow i’ll show caminandes #1 (if you don’t mind) on a talk i’ll give at a highschool (in santiago de chile)

      • Francesco Siddi

        Great! Let us know what the students say :)

        • looch

          damn, they had a problem with internet and i couldn’t show it :(, it was perfect target girls from 10 to 17 y/o, maybe next time :D

  • Yassir Amry

    I don’t understand what did you mean “shot”… Did you mean it has 19 different angles of camera?

    • Francesco Siddi

      It means there are 19 cuts in the edit. The camera angles as slightly less, as sometimes we cut back to a previous camera.

  • januz

    Muy bueno!

  • Theory Animation

    This is looking great! We met you at SIGGRAPH and were impressed by the work you did in Llama Drama. Good luck on making it awesome!

  • David Fenner

    Looks good!! I am seeing however the same incorrect fresnel problem of cycles shown here:, which basically makes fresnel always white and overbright… specially on rocks and wood, it would be awesome if that could be resolved with brecht (if you wish to).