Sneak Peek: Shot Progress Reel!

Hello there!

In order to celebrate the opening of our You Tube channel (subscribe!), we just made this small progress reel of one of our shots.

Have a sneak peek on how the movie will look like, we’re still defining the visuals so expect some variation. We hope you enjoy it!

Final render will be in Full HD (1920×1080), but is already prepared to be 4K-ified in the future, if budget allows.

Pre-order your copy of Caminandes: Episode 2 now!

Thanks for passing by!
Gracias por pasar!

7 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Shot Progress Reel!

  1. it’s looking great guys, i cant stress it enough…
    btw, what are the tutorials that you’re planning going to be about?… (please say advanced rigging, and cartoon shading in cycles.. hehehe)

    1. It’s looking great. Guys, I can’t stress it enough…
      BTW, what are the tutorials that you’re going to plan about?

      (This is Looch’s writing mistake!)

    2. “It’s looking great, guys, I can’t stress it enough…”
      That is actually grammatically correct.

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