What would you like to learn?

Hello fellow llama friends!
Exciting times for Caminandes. Everything is coming together, adding special effects and little animation tweaks here and there. Jan is writing music like a boss with a final edit that is 2 minutes 22 seconds! 10 of those seconds are for credits yes (ours and you awesome pre-orderers), but the rest is pure cartoon magic.

We’re so close to finishing, that we’re about to start recording tutorials/documentation for your delight! To get the best out of this, we need your input, what would you like to learn?

The topics we have in mind are:

Documentation / Tutorials:

  • Pipeline: Caminandes folder structure
  • Linking: Building a shot from scratch
  • Shaders: Koro’s Eye and highlights
  • Fur: How Koro’s particle systems are setup
  • Animation: Master Blinks
  • Rigging: Learn to use Koro’s rig

What do you think? Let us know if we’re missing an important topic. The ones listed above are those we believe can be explained efficiently (without becoming a training DVD :) Keep in mind we also have to deliver the film!

Llama hugs

34 thoughts on “What would you like to learn?

  1. Would love to learn more detailed tricks that combine all kinds of concepts together. Like the specular eye shine one you guys published a while back.

    1. i’m by no means an expert on cycles, we mostly do this:
      – crank up the samples
      – punch it really hard

      but on a more serious note. we benefit from the fact that:
      – every shader is kept as simple as possible (moar speed)
      – we have an open world, no closed spaces. less noise.
      – we already clamp around 3
      – bounces are as low as 2 for diffuse and 1 for glossy

      not sure if this little list justifies a tutorial, but i’ll make sure i mention it somewhere :)


  2. How you manage to get this awesome fure using cycles hair I got ur old caminandes dvd, but it was in BI and also that trick u guys used to the render his eye. I still dnt get it even after opening that blend file lol :$ TQVM

  3. Estaria bueno ver algo de organización. Como pasar de storyboards a una escena terminada. Como se organizarian los archivos, los pasos, etc. Digamos, como poner todos esos tips juntos. Saludos!

  4. I love to see how to setup a scene starting with a blank file, importing models and start animating from there. Basicly the “linking” documentation.

  5. Planning, modelling, rigging and other TD-centric stuff for specifically cartoonish characters, por favor. Things like: what makes them different from more conventional 3D characters, specific challenges and how you overcame them, that sort of thing.

  6. i would like to learn something exclusive, that can’t be found anywhere else and this is of course is the pipeline. i’d like to know what happens behind the curtain of the big projects like yours, like what to consider creating a pipeline, what changes have been implemented in your pipeline, how did you decided which blender features to use and which to ignore. just trying to put things together from my perspective, i know you’ll settle this much better from your perspective of a successful project!

  7. Something related to the film compositing and video editing. Management of cameras, planes, … And the workflow, from script, storyboard,… to a completed scene

    Algo relacionado con la composición de cine y edición de video. Gestión de cámaras, planos,… Y el flujo de trabajo, pasando de guión, al storyboard,… hasta llegar a una escena completada.

  8. anything i could think of has been mentioned by someone else already…
    so here are some (all of them from before i posted this) comments left on the BlenderNation post about this post.

    “Sounds great! Personally, i would love to know more about the general workflow when combining different animated actions like smoothly blending a walk cycle into a jumping movement for example, if that makes sence… :-)” ~idmega

    “the combination of different scenes, especially if there are many (I’ve had problems having more scenes at once trying to put them in one video). Or to combine more effects in different times, maybe smth from a time lapse or bullet effect with particles or smoke. Anyway, I need to learn a looot myself, thumbs up guys, a great work U do. :) greetings from Azerbaijan” ~ssuuddoo

    “using the f-curves editor… makes my head hurt.. i feel everything is a mess and cant figure out how it works for animations with many objects and curves…..” ~Noise is king

    “I would like to see something about environment creation and fur. oh.. and VSE too!” ~Utopia780 with an agreement about the VSE by Calzaath

    “-Landscapes, lighting, and rendering optimization. -VSE -Hair” ~FluxCapacitance

    “I’d like to learn how to use proxy low poly characters / props for fast animating and pre visualizing.” ~Henrique Perticarati

    “Rigging tips, animation tips and some story about fur creating process :)” ~Kirill Trideshny

    “Putting it all together is what interest me as well:) I’d love to see how it’s done in the VSE using proxies and if you’re linked to an external DAW editor for the audio mix that would be great to see how it’s set up…. even how you do the credits:)” ~comeinandburn

    “whatever you guys put there I can’t wait to get my USB card and have some fun and learn a thing or two.” ~tm

  9. Guilherme Gonçalves
    • a day ago

    “I would love the see a tutorial about how you have created the scenario.”

    I would like to echo Mr. Goncalves’s sentiments. Particularly blocking and coverage.

  10. Estoy de acuerdo con algunos en que seria interesante ver como se planea una escena desde el principio (storyboard) hasta el final (composición), así como saber como (y porque) fue su pipeline.

  11. What if you share with us your interface/theme that visually rocks ? It’s not time consuming and always speakable and enriching… Keep the beat guys ;)

  12. I have always been fascinated by Tex Avery/Chuck Jones style animation. I wondered why 3d animation did not have this same fluid style. After reading ‘Tradigital Blender’ by Roland Hesse, I saw 3d animation was indeed capable of this style.I was very excited when I saw ‘Caminandes’ actually do it! So show us how to give that old skool fluid style in 3D! Timing and spacing in particular!

  13. Hola Pablo, creo que mientras más avanzamos en Blender, más escazos se hacen los tutoriales que nos enseñen y ayuden, es por esto que me gustaría solicitar un tutorial sobre el pipeline de renderizado, ojalá incluyendo de una vez el linkeo de luces, si se usa un rig de iluminación, si se ilumina puntualmente y luego, cómo se organizan para renderizar las escenas? cómo disponen los passes en el editor por nodos, etc. Mil Gracias!

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